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Sash Window Solutions specialise in sash window restoration, sash window repairs, new Sash windows to traditional detail and general draught proofing and sash window servicing.

With over 40 years of experience in sash window repairs and sash window restoration we have acquired the knowledge required to bring life back to the old period home and retain the old elegance that the sash window helps give to the period house.

Sliding Sash windows are an integral part of our history in most of our towns and cities as well as the typical country house. They are the chosen window design of the Georgian and the Victorian periods. Sliding sash window manufacturing followed the paths of the settlers in the 19th century. They are a common feature in period houses in places like the United States, Canada and Australia. The most famous Sash windows could possibly be those of The White House in Washington. But in many places the surviving sash windows are the original windows constructed at the time of the building of the houses, terraces and streetscapes. The detail that went in to the making of these old sash windows warrants having them retained and cherished. So the idea of Sash window restoration and sash window repair allows not only that the old windows be kept but they can be brought up to a modern level of comfort and energy saving.

Sash windows require different levels of work depending on their condition. Some windows will require full sash frame ends replaced and structural repairs to sashes while other sash windows may just require servicing and draught proofing. This may be due to the fact that they just lacked correct maintenance over the years. Other sash windows may require the full sash window restoration where the unit or part of is removed to our workshop and fully restored/repaired before they are returned as good as new to the house.

The extent of sash window repair varies and is influenced greatly by just a few circumstances.

South facing windows, in the British Isles particularly, can be effected by the sun. The sun, in summer months can heat the timbers of the sash window. As the timber expands, the hard putty cracks leaving openings for the prevailing winds in winter to reach the same windows with rain and freezing temperatures. This is the avenue for rot to set in. Sash window repairs are often less evident on north facing elevations where the sun and prevailing winds do not have the same effect. A suggestion would be to stay away from darker coloured paints as exterior colours. Darker paints reflect less sunlight allowing the timbers of the sash windows to expand more leading to leaks around the putty lines.

So each property may require different levels of attention to the windows. With this in mind, Sash Window Solutions carry out free window survey nationwide. An on- site inspection is a must.

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