About Us

Sash Window Solutions was started in December 2008 by John Dunne and Andrew Wolahan.

John Dunne and Andrew Wolahan have worked in the Sash window Restoration repair and restoration business since the 1980’s, and together they have over 60 years of experience in the business.

Sash Windows have been in use since the 1600’s in one form or other and Sash Window Solutions have restored sash windows in houses that date from the late 1600’s and more often in houses dating from the 1700’s.

Sash Window solutions specialises in the following:

Work done by Sash Window Solutions on the Edenderry Town building

  1. Repairing Sash windows and draughtproofing
  2. Restoring Sash windows
  3. Manufacturing of Sash Windows

Sash Window Solutions use traditional methods of repair, restoration and in manufacturing new sash windows.

We have two workshops. In one, we specialise in restoring sash windows away from site and on our own work benches. This work can bring new life back to windows that are in poor condition but may be the original windows to an old property.

In the second workshop, we specialise in the manufacture of traditional sash windows.

Our work in Sash window restoration has taken place in such houses as those found in Georgian Dublin or Georgian Limerick. It ranges from the old Country houses that dot the country to the Victorian houses of the City suburbs and the country towns.

Sash Window Solutions works on buildings such as:
  • The country cottage
  • The terraced Victorian homes in the cities and towns
  • Government buildings including Council Offices and Libraries
  • Larges projects such as the RDS in Ballsbridge
  • The larger country homes

Our surveys countrywide are free of charge.

Please browse our web site and give us a call or fill in our form if you have an enquiry.